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Author Topic: Warning to Profile Buyers!  (Read 27566 times)
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« on: February 05, 2011, 05:32:38 AM »

Warning to profile buyers.
Shanky Technologies does not sell profiles, nor are we involved in the creation or support of any of the profiles that are for sale in our marketplace. We have not tested any of them ourselves. Performance graphs, results, and statistics that supposedly came from data tracking software (such as Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager) can be faked.
There have been scams discovered in our marketplace in the past and may be more in the future. We do our best to check the profile for originality before allowing it to be sold here, but that is a one-time check and we may not follow up on it beyond that. Do your own due diligence and buy any profile at your own risk. Understand that the free profiles which are available in our forum may very well be just as good, or better, than the ones being sold.
It is quite foolish to pay a high price for any profile, in our opinion, given the availability of high-quality free profiles and the fact that the default cash game profile which comes in the bot is quite good. We suggest giving the PPL Guide a read and tweaking your own profile, for an overall more satisfying botting experience.
We strongly advise you to not be a lab rat on a new listing and instead wait for buyer feedback, preferably from established forum members, before buying. Read the sales thread to see what customers are saying before purchasing any profile. Be aware that buyer feedback can also be part of a scam, especially on a newer listing. If the seller did not recruit at least three reputable forum members as independent testers to provide feedback well in advance of posting it for sale, that should send off a warning signal and the profile should probably be avoided.
In the past there have been sellers who promised to only sell a limited number of copies and then broke that promise, one way or another, after the stated limit had been sold. Some have even lowered the price when they sold additional profiles after the stated limit had been reached! You simply cannot trust profile sellers with these kinds of promises, no matter who they are. You should assume that they will sell as many as they possibly can (and may even lower the price later) before buying a profile, regardless of what they promise. We will not police this.
Be aware that in the past even highly trusted, reputable, long-time established forum members have blown up and vanished as a result of selling a profile that was supposed to be the Holy Grail. Typically they post a graph that makes you drool, charge a very high price, and announce a very limited supply - which results in a buyer rush. When the profile fails to perform as advertised they simply disappear, thousands of dollars richer. Don't get sucked into something like this. Question everything.
Bottom line: Buyer beware. You are on your own if you purchase a profile in our marketplace. Thank you.
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Shanky Technologies Poker Bot Support Forum  |  General Category  |  Marketplace: Profiles  |  Topic: Warning to Profile Buyers!
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