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Title: Wanted to say hello!
Post by: ITguy4981 on June 15, 2016, 02:54:27 AM
1st post, and first time finding a bot site with an active forum. I've been interested in bots for quite some years, but lacked the knowledge and know how. I'm beside myself to find such an active community! I certainly look forward to my stay here, and want to give a big thanks to egor for getting my registration completed  party0007.gif

As an American, my sites are limited. I see one of the requirements for a winning poker network site is to be running Windows 7. I have the means to get a virtual machine up and running on Windows 7, so as of now, I am working on that.

I feel like I have much to learn, so back to reading. Again, hello! and thank you for having me.

Silly side question without research, is there a way to get email notifications of replies? I'm sure there is, but I've just now logged in and don't want to miss a beat :)

Had to edit because my title said ehllo!  ::)