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February 19, 2019, 06:43:12 PM
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 on: February 18, 2019, 11:01:16 PM 
Started by Egor - Last post by Egor
Omaha Bots version 9.5.3 have been posted.

Game on. Get your bots here:


All existing unexpired Holdem Bot license holders feel free to purchase your licenses at the renewal price (this week, anyway).

 on: February 18, 2019, 10:52:39 PM 
Started by Egor - Last post by Mrphil
Probably both.
Based on hand strength when we have a significant stack remaining, and then stricty pushing once we are fully pot committed (based on total invested).

I'll be honest, my knowledge of Omaha strategy is very limitted. I know how to play Omaha, and Omaha hi/lo, but I am still learning the strategy compared to holdem. I used to win hi/lo tournaments though at a very winrate because I swear half the people didn't understand the basic rules of the game and had entered by accident. It was quite commical to see.

 on: February 18, 2019, 09:55:07 PM 
Started by Egor - Last post by Egor
We are ready to release I just need to update the web pages.

Yeah sounds like something we need. Maybe I can just borrow from the Holdem profiles. Unless we should have a minimum hand strength attached to being pot-committed?

 on: February 18, 2019, 09:09:43 PM 
Started by Egor - Last post by Mrphil
A major component missing that became obvious to me when using the new Omaha bots was code for the cash omaha profiles for totalinvested.

We need the same type of totalinvested to stacksize comparison codelines added similar to the other holdem profiles.

If our stack gets small, we are folding too often to small bets and bleeding chips out instead of going all-in based on our stacksize left.

Also, do you want me to post individual plays here?...or wait until the official products are released?

 on: February 18, 2019, 09:33:53 AM 
Started by ChipMonster - Last post by irobot
FoldOrGoAllInWhenOpponentsAfterFoldsLessThanStackSize = 60

Probably this line caused the action. But as Egor said; the actual log is needed to see what happened....

 on: February 18, 2019, 12:04:21 AM 
Started by ChipMonster - Last post by Egor
PPL overrides these saved option settings so I would need to see the actual hand played from the log.

But you can certainly switch that setting off on the bot's option menu.

See section 2 of the Holdem Bot User Manual for a detailed explanation of the hierarchy of command in the bot.

Also, I recommend the MTT profile that comes in the bot as it would never do such a thing.

 on: February 17, 2019, 09:51:48 PM 
Started by ChipMonster - Last post by ChipMonster
I am not sure if I can attached a profile or it needs to be pasted in but this had a monster stack going and then dumped it all away with A-9 off. I had over 35 BB to start the hand so I am trying to figure out what setting messed me up. It said in the window "Fold or go all-in setting activated" I had second pair on the flop.

MaxSessionHands = 10000
MaxSessionTime = 7200
MaxStackSize = 1000000
BathroomBreakAfter = 9999
BathroomBreakTime = 2
SitOutWhenOpponentsAreLessThan = 1
MakePotSizedPreFlopRaisesWhen = 7
FoldToPre-FlopRaisesForAQAJsKQ = OFF
FoldPost-FlopBelowTopPairToAnyBetOrRaise = OFF
FoldToPost-FlopRaisesWithUnpairedBoardsFor = 2
FoldToPost-FlopRaisesWithPairedBoardsFor = 4
NeverBetTurnOrRiverWithHandBelow = 2
NeverBetFlopWithHandBelowMiddlePairWhen = 1
NeverBetFlopWithHandBelowMiddlePairStackSize = 100000
NeverCallPairedBoardsWithHandBelow = 5
NeverCallFlushPossibleBoardsWithHandBelow = 6
FoldToPre-FlopRaiseWith55Or66When = 3
FoldToPre-FlopRaiseWith77Or88When = 3
FoldToPre-FlopRaiseWith99OrTTWhen = 3
FoldToPre-FlopRaiseWithJJOrQQWhen = 2
FoldToPre-FlopRaiseWithAKWhen = 3
FoldToPre-FlopRaiseWithAQsWhen = 2
FoldToPre-FlopRaiseWithAKsWhen = 3
FoldToPre-FlopRaiseWithKQsWhen = 2
SuperTightPlay = OFF
SemiSuperTightPlay = OFF
NoLimp = 15
AggressivePreFlop = 4
AggressivePostFlop = 1
AggressivePreFlopStackSize = 40
AggressivePostFlopStackSize = 30
MiningForSets = 5
PostFlopinBlindsOverride = 3
PreFlopReRaiseOverride = OFF
MinBetOverride = 6
FoldOrGoAllInWhenOpponentsAfterFoldsLessThan = 3
FoldOrGoAllInWhenOpponentsAfterFoldsLessThanStackSize = 60
ApplyFoldOrAllInAfter = 0
FoldOrGoAllInWhenOpponentsAtTableLessThan = 5
FoldOrGoAllInWhenOpponentsAtTableLessThanStackSize = 1000000
AlwaysCallWhenOpponentsRaiseIsLessThan = 4
AlwaysCallWhenStackSizeIsLessThanTotalInvested = 90
Verbose = ON
AutoPlay = ON
UserDefinedGameType = 0
UseOcrAtAmericas = OFF
AutoRebuyAtUB = ON
AlwaysAskForTableName = ON
EnableSpeedFold = ON
DefaultBetSizeFlop = 80
DefaultBetSizeTurn = 60
DefaultBetSizeRiver = 50
MoveMouseBe(I am an idiot)AtFT = OFF
UK888Client = OFF
SPAIN888Client = OFF
WindowLeft = 223
WindowRight = 930
WindowBottom = 929
WindowTop = 622

 on: February 14, 2019, 11:30:23 PM 
Started by webber04 - Last post by elkid
Payment sent    beer

 on: February 13, 2019, 09:34:39 PM 
Started by Aenima773 - Last post by irobot
hola este perfil esta vivo
no pregunto por su version actual
Pero cuantas versiones hay
hace mucho tiempo que nadie comenta nada ya no se vende?

I do still update the profile. Please email me at Aenima773@gmail.com if you want specifics regarding how often or when the last update occurred

 on: February 13, 2019, 06:57:01 PM 
Started by Aenima773 - Last post by Frank2008
hola este perfil esta vivo
no pregunto por su version actual
Pero cuantas versiones hay
hace mucho tiempo que nadie comenta nada ya no se vende?

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