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Title: Modifying code near Bubble or ITM
Post by: NightFool on February 23, 2014, 05:38:33 AM
I don't want to take allin risks near the bubble when I have a good or an average stack size and I am sure I'll be ITM.

Which is the best way to code this in a paid profile?

Also, when I am sure, let say, I am sure I'll be in top 20. Then I want to play ultra tight and want to make sure I am in top 20 then I want to take risk for a higher position.

Can anyone who are well versed in modifying the bubble code and already doing this, help me?

Or, is there any code which I can put in the top of the profile, whenever the profile pushes allin or bluffs, or does not have a good hand, then it beeps so I take the action?

The real problem I am facing is, in the paid profile which I bought, there are 1000s of lines and I do not want to mess up the code :)


Title: Re: Modifying code near Bubble or ITM
Post by: Egor on February 23, 2014, 05:57:05 AM
There is no way for the bot to know how many opponents remain in an MTT, or how far it is from the money.

If you are playing a certain structure of MTT, one where the number of entrants remains fairly consistent, you might be able to make a reasonably close guess as to where the bubble is by the big blind size. But that's going to be about as close as you can get.

Personally I think tightening up because of a bubble is hugely -EV in the long run. There's been plenty written that attempts to show why being even more aggressive as you approach the bubble is +EV. But again, the bot doesn't have this information.

Title: Re: Modifying code near Bubble or ITM
Post by: Mildred on January 27, 2015, 10:59:00 PM
Try this

// Levels
WHEN BigBlindSize < 20 User_Level_Cash
WHEN BigBlindSize = 20 User_Level_1
WHEN BigBlindSize = 30 User_Level_2
WHEN BigBlindSize = 40 User_Level_3
WHEN BigBlindSize = 60 User_Level_4
WHEN BigBlindSize = 80 User_Level_5
WHEN BigBlindSize = 100 User_Level_6
WHEN BigBlindSize = 120 User_Level_7
WHEN BigBlindSize = 160 User_Level_8
WHEN BigBlindSize = 200 User_Level_10
WHEN BigBlindSize = 250 User_Level_11
WHEN BigBlindSize = 300 User_Level_12
WHEN BigBlindSize = 400 User_Level_13
WHEN BigBlindSize = 500 User_Level_14
WHEN BigBlindSize = 600 User_Level_15
WHEN BigBlindSize = 700 User_Level_16
WHEN BigBlindSize = 800 User_Level_17
WHEN BigBlindSize = 1000 User_Level_18
WHEN BigBlindSize = 1200 User_Level_19
WHEN BigBlindSize = 1400 User_Level_20
WHEN BigBlindSize = 1600 User_Level_21
WHEN BigBlindSize = 2000 User_Level_22
WHEN BigBlindSize = 2400 User_Level_23
WHEN BigBlindSize = 2800 User_Level_24
WHEN BigBlindSize >= 3000 User_Level_Late

When (User_Level_18 OR User_Level_19 OR User_Level_20) User_Bubble

When User_Bubble AND NOT (Hand = AA or Hand = KK or Hand = QQ) AND (AmountToCall >= 75% StackSize) Fold Force

If you play the same mtt's or sng's often, check the lobby and correct with your own ...