Dual-Module Scraper Crawls 250+ Sites



Shopify Scraper Module

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Finds new & modified product pages on all Shopify sites

Captures variants including size, records in log

Proxy support  (IP:Port format only)

Long list of 75+ sites included, plus add your own

Scrape by date and/or key words

Scrape a single site or an unlimited list of sites

Auto re-scrape timer, 5-sec min delay, only new links added

One-click copy of output links to clipboard

Unlimited multiple instances allowed

Additional output logs record in .txt format

Newbie-friendly with complete instructions

Smoking fast

Add-on Link Alert App tweets the links (optional accessory)


Drop Finder Module

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Crawls the html code of any web page

List of 290+ non-Shopify URLs included from 170+ unique sites

Pre-loaded sneaker site pages all hand-picked and tested

Add your own URLs to the list (including the Shopify sites if you want)

Find early links & create your own extended drop lists

Find stock still sitting at low-key sites after a release

Intelligent key word grouping instructions provided

Monitor for random drop times on sites with no early links

Auto re-scrape timer & Proxy support  (IP:Port format only)

Unlimited multiple instances allowed

One-click copy of output links to clipboard

Additional output logs record in .txt format

Easy to use, smoking fast, detailed user manual


Windows only. Java Runtime must be installed (free to download). Movable license key allows two concurrent activations.

Swift Cop Special -- Inlcudes Link Alert App

Scraper + LinkAlerts App: $60 ($94 value)

To receive your download & license at a different email address than your Paypal email: or tweet us

Please note: License Keys are generated manually & delivery can take up to 12 hours!

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